About Us

The Farm

Passion, Quality and Beauty

For Flower Village, cultivating flowers is a passion. We combine the latest technology, human talent, agricultural knowledge and the highest quality standards in order to produce magnificent flowers that awaken the senses.


“There are several ways to execute a job: excellently, more or less, poorly. I only accept EXCELLENTLY”

Peter Hannaford

Excellence was the legacy that Flower Village inherited from its founders; thus, we apply the highest quality standards with regards to processes, production, the environment, labor and compensation to society.

Leaders in innovation

Flower Village, as part of its corporate philosophy, continually promotes innovation in all of its processes.

We work closely with important hybridists when selecting and introducing varieties. Our goal is for the flowers that we produce to create sensations and special moments in the lives of those who use them.

Regarding Roses, we work closely with the prestigious German company, Rosen Tantau K.G.; for Hydrangeas, Erynguim and other products, we work with Kolster BV of Holland. We deeply believe in research to develop and introduce the new varieties of species that we produce.

Likewise, we work with prestigious institutions throughout all research and innovation processes, such as:

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
University of California, Davis
Universidad San Francisco de Quito.