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Social Engagement

The partners and administrators of Flower Village deeply believe in the wellbeing of our employees. Our roses are the result of amazing teamwork, knowledge, training and commitment. To meet this objective, our personnel must be motivated, happy, without concern and joyful at work.

We have facilities that offer services geared toward the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of basic illnesses. We offer medical, dental and pediatric care free of charge for our work team. Additionally, we have free pediatric services for the children of our workers who are under 15 years of age.

We also support the surrounding community, and as such medical and dental services are available to children and adults from the communities of Itulcachi and Cocha for a small fee of three dollars per visit. Additionally, the company pays for a large part of the balanced meals of our employees during work hours. Transportation is also provided for workers when required.

Our personnel are constantly undergoing training at the “Flower Village School.” Our continuous training model is headed up by the human resources department.


As of 2005, this has become a Comprehensive Certification Program regarding socio-environmental matters for Ecuadorian companies dedicated to the production and sale of Ecuadorian flowers. The primary objectives are: Best agricultural practices, environmental care, eradication of child labor, and establishment of a safe and healthy work environment. Flower Village is an active participant in the Flor Ecuador Program, and has maintained certification since its inception.

Rainforest Alliance is an international certification that demands adequate environmental conservation and social wellbeing standards in promotion of a “sustainable agriculture” philosophy that looks to harmoniously integrate the needs of farmers and the health and wellbeing of workers, the local community and environmental Protection.

The Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC)
BASC -Business Alliance for Secure Commerce- is an international corporate alliance that promotes safe trade among governments and international entities.

“World BASC Organization” is an international non-profit organization constituted under the laws of the United States of America.

WBO is an organization led by the business sector, which has the mission to generate a security culture in the supply chain through the implementation of management systems and instruments applicable to international trade and related sectors. Flower Village maintains the BASC certification in force as of August 7, 2001